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Why do Cats like Black and Green Olives? Can Cats Eat Olives?

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Excited Cat Becomes Blissfully Euphoric at the Smell of an Open Can of Olives

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Stichting Dioraphte. Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. Algemeen nut beogende instelling. U kunt het materiaal voor persoonlijk gebruik zonder kosten raadplegen.

Cat goes crazy over Olive smell

Het mag niet worden opgeslagen, getoond, gepubliceerd, gereproduceerd of anderszins gebruikt zonder voorafgaande en uitdrukkelijke schriftelijke toestemming van Poetry International. The next step is the tasting, useful to discover the essential flavours such as the bitter and the spicy flavours. Put a small amount of oil in your mouth distributing the oil in the whole mouth. During the tasting you should inhale air making short and repeated aspirations, the tongue should be stay against the palate with semi-open lips.

Tasting the oil for about seconds, so that the flavouring evaporates and trying to memorize most number of sensations.

The smell of the olives causes extreme euphoria in Cats, similar to Catnip

The olive oils bitter and spicy flavours is a virtue of the oil because represent a high presence of polyphenols antioxidants. Many consumers confuse this important virtue as a flaw, classifying the oil as a heavy or acid product. Professional taster considersthe typical slightly bitter and spicy tastes two positive attributes of the oil. A high quality olive oil should therefore be bitter and spicy in a balanced way.

Question 1

You should follow some simply general rules before a technical oil tasting 1 Do not smoke at least for 30 minutes before the tasting; 2 Do not use perfume, soap other cosmetics whose smell could linger until the time of the test; 3 Do not eat at least 1 hour before the tasting; 4 Be sure that your psychological and physiological conditions are positive in such a way as not to compromise the analysis.

Before to start a second tasting you should eat a slice of apple in order to remove the favour and all the sensations perceived during the first oil tasting.

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If tastes should be well distinguished from smells you can say you have tasted excellent extra virgin oil. It should have a fruity smell that should remember: crushed olives, olive tree leaves, fresh cut herb, tomato, artichoke, almond, lettuce, etc.