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Hooke believed he had found a parallax for the bright star in the Head of the Dragon; but was deceived. Bessel had anticipated him with the parallax of 61 Cygni by just two months. It is only the difference between the parallax of the star and that of the comparison star. In such a case, no matter how near the stars were to the earth, no parallax could be detected.

The parallax of Canopus is very small, so its distance from the earth is very great, and it must be a sun of gigantic size. Compare parallactic ellipse. Portfolio layout In Agency Portfolios. Daniel Spatzek projects portfolio In Project Page. Horizontal layout parallax navigation In The Best of Navigation.

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Protanopia, A revolutionary digital comic In Articles. Clouds Parallax and Masks In Parallax. Lo Pesce product page In Product Page. During the staff briefing, The Doctor reports that 27 more crew members have since encountered the symptoms he mentioned earlier a number that includes Kim. The Doctor has no idea what's going on and therefore cannot provide a treatment. The shrinking is still occurring; at this point, he has lost 68 centimeters of height.

The staff moves onto the subject of the singularity, for which no progress has been made. However, using the problem with the Doctor's imaging system, Torres who has, in fact, been behaving herself is able to determine that she could use a localized dampening field around the external sensors to contact the other ship. Janeway agrees with this idea and dismisses the staff to begin work.

As Chakotay leaves, Janeway gives him a small nod to communicate that Torres is starting to impress her. The deflector dish is modified and the dampening field is deployed. The crew receive the transmission from the ship again. It is cleared up and it becomes evident to the crew that it is the same message Janeway transmitted earlier. Torres applies the dampening field to the visual sensors, and the image of the ship resolves; it is Voyager.

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Torres has an explanation for the seeming duplication of the starship, so the staff returns to the briefing room. Torres uses a reflection in water as a metaphor for the current situation, except that what the Voyager 's crew is viewing is a time-delayed image of themselves. They estimate it will take nine hours until Voyager is destroyed by the singularity, so Torres recommends that they find a "crack" to escape.

Remembering when they first entered the anomaly, Janeway and Torres think that Voyager made a hole in the event horizon and that they will need to find the same hole. Finishing each other's sentences, " warp particles " is the idea developed by Torres and Janeway; if all goes to plan, such particles will make the crack visible, allowing Voyager to fly out. The deflector dish is deactivated and warp particles are routed to the deflector. The particles are deployed and Paris locates an irregularity in the event horizon. The hole is too small, so they will have to expand it.

Torres recommends using a dekyon beam to expand the hole. Voyager is too far to emit the beam, so a shuttlecraft has to be used. With their understanding of the "finer points" of temporal mechanics , both Janeway and Torres board the shuttle and leave Voyager. On the shuttlecraft, the dekyon beam is prepared. Torres decides to use this moment to apologize to Janeway about her earlier behavior and also recalls that she left the Academy because she felt she couldn't make it in Starfleet. Janeway notes that Professor Chapman thought Torres was a promising cadet and, disappointed that she had quit, went as far as noting in her permanent record that he would support her re-entry if she ever decided to reapply.

Torres is surprised to hear that, because she always felt that Chapman hated her and couldn't wait to see her kicked out of the Academy, but Janeway explains that some professors like students who challenge their assumptions, and many of Torres' teachers agreed that she had the potential to be an excellent officer.

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The shuttle arrives at the irregularity and the dekyon beam is charged. They get close enough to fire the beam and do so, causing the hole to start widening. They turn around and return to find two Voyager s: they only have enough power to reach one with no way to communicate with the rest of the crew.

Guessing, Janeway chooses the Voyager on the starboard side of the shuttlecraft while Torres chooses the one on the port side. Janeway realizes that the port one is moving towards the rift, which the real Voyager did, twenty minutes prior whereas the starboard one is pointed away to give them easier access to the shuttlebay. They go with Janeway's suggestion, which is indeed the correct one.

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Voyager begins to move towards the rift, which is slowly closing. The rift length reaches meters, which is too small to facilitate the ship's exit. Knowing this is their only chance of escape, Janeway decides they're going to smash their way through and orders full power to the impulse engines as they approach the rift.

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Shields fail and the port impulse engines lose power. Despite the problems, Voyager is able to punch its way out and clears the singularity.

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Relieved, Janeway orders that Voyager be at least a hundred million kilometers away from the singularity before commencing repairs. In engineering, Torres has earned the position of chief engineer. Her first duty is to bring the warp drive online by hours, which she says is impossible. Chakotay suggests she break a few noses, or at least bend a few to make it happen. After the commander departs, she orders some officers to work on getting the isolinear bank up and running but they don't respond until she says "please.

He gladly accepts, stating that she will never get anything less than his best, and they both shake hands. Meanwhile, on engineering's upper level, Janeway is observing Torres and the staff, as Chakotay joins her.

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Two crew members have already filed complaints about Torres' promotion and she may be in for a rough period of adjustment, Janeway notes, but she has a feeling that Torres will be a fine addition to the crew. Chakotay asks Janeway a question — off the record — if things had happened differently and they were on the Maquis ship now instead of Voyager , would Janeway have served under him? She responds, " One of the nice things about being captain… is that you can keep some things to yourself. And back in sickbay, The Doctor contacts Janeway again and once again requests a repair crew to fix his imaging systems, as he is now only several centimeters tall and unable to treat Lieutenant Paris' scratched hand, much to Tom's amusement.

And on the other, I'm facing all the Maquis who are ready to seize this ship over this. You've turned this into one lousy day for me, Torres!